Get rid of the Stigma

As I read articles, watch influencers on Instagram and YouTube, it’s becoming more and more apparent that…


The toll that our daily activities are taking on us are literally going to make this generation go over the edge.

But, it can’t be all social media, right?

My two cents: As a generation, we were raised to be go-getters, achievers, successful. Without knowing it, we became a generation of perfectionists, & workaholics.

Add to that, our own expectations of how we should parent, be a partner, have home-life balance….

And let’s not forget our old issues from our childhood…

That being said, it’s not really surprising that we are all starting to fall apart. It’s too much to handle for one person. It is not too late though, whether the whole mental health is a trend or really something that is happening, for the people who are actually living it,

we take solace in the fact that we aren’t crazy, that it’s not all in our heads, and that we are not alone.

So thank you, to every single person brave enough to take about their issues in public. Thank you for using your platform to raise awareness about the situation.

You are speaking for us who aren’t strong enough to start the conversation. We are grateful. We know we aren’t alone.

Don’t forget. You are not alone. I’m not alone. Let’s find comfort in that. 💓

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