Notes to my Younger Self

Is it possible that if we heard the things we needed to hear in our most vulnerable moments in childhood, we wouldn’t have as many emotional struggles?

In therapy long ago, I was asked to close my eyes and imagine going back, meeting this young girl.


My younger self. Terrified, wounded, abandoned little me.

I was to tell “little me” that things were going to be alright, that things weren’t my fault. I was to give her a hug and then travel back to current day.

Did it help? I don’t know, maybe for a little bit. My feelings of guilt, shame, isolation and loneliness have remained ingrained in me.

Maybe there’s something there… maybe if we wrote regular letters to our younger selves, we could help them heal. Obviously it’s talking to own self, and we have to get over the idea that “I’m crazy to talk to myself”. Or, maybe that’s just me.

Perhaps the physical or digital process of creating a #notetomyyoungerself will help mend certain wounds, or not. I mean, I am the only one who knows exactly what “little me” wants to hear right? So who better to do it than me?

Will it help? Who knows…. I don’t lose anything by trying. If it works even in the most microscopic way, it would be worth it, right?

Does anyone do this? I can’t be the only one who thinks this… what do you say to “little you”?

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