Falling In Lust and Love.

The feeling of falling In love— it’s a feeling we all know to well.

If it’s really love,

the real kind,

the one that changes you as a human,

the one where you realize, “So this is what it’s like. Real love.”

The love you marry, fight with, laugh and cry with,

The one that you will never leave in times of despair,

And, the one who will NEVER LEAVE YOU when you are drowning, often times jumping in selflessly to help you stay strong..

The one that has changed your life, made it better, happier…. your one true love, your soulmate.

Yes, it does start with lust, as Megan beautifully writes in her article below. For some it stops there.

It does lead to love strong enough to keep every promise and every vow. It is hard work, and will drive you to bits and pieces at times, but it’s a great love, the kind that will change you, the one with the person you love so deeply you can’t explain it.

The one where day after day, you thank your lucky stars for being able to experience something so much bigger than everything you’ve ever known.

The one that saves you, keeps you afloat, the one you live for. The one that you can’t live without.

The one you thank your lucky stars and the heavens above for.

The one who makes everything worth fighting for.

Love and Lust – Megan Whitsett

Love and Lust – Megan Whitsett
— Read on theunsanityblog.com/2020/02/23/love-and-lust-megan-whitsett/


Traumatized individuals’ nervous system often learn that interactions with others feel dangerous. Whether it is pain, hurt, rejection, betrayal, abuse ——- or anything else that the body/nervous system seems dangerous, any situations that include the possibility of feeling or experiencing one of these things again is perceived to be dangerous. Credits to @ms_elleanderson for putting into words what we are unable to. 🙌🏼 Thank you.

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Teacher Burnout is REAL

NOT ALL teachers don’t have it easy, that’s for sure. Don’t get me wrong, we have a LOT of fun and LOVE our kids, YOUR kids.

That being said, it also comes with stress (just like any other job) because we know the importance of education. So it extremely bothers me when I see a post about a (possibly frustrated) teacher who rants about why children are forced to go to school.

How they need to give the children/teens a passing mark even if they don’t bother going to class or studying.

Private or public, the importance of the work we do is the same isn’t it?

There must be something wrong with the system if teachers get jaded to the point that they actually believe this nonsense of “the world can’t be full of engineers and lawyers…”

“Some must be janitors, messengers, carpenters, construction workers, street sweepers…to fill in some job orders needed in our society.”

Aren’t we, the teachers, parents and adults supposed to motivate our children to want to work hard and aim high?

Or do I belong to the group of idealists who still believe that they can make a difference in the lives of their students?


What bothered me the most is that the post had

ONE THOUSAND LIKES, and 220 comments,

most of which where agreeing with the frustrated teacher.

One thousand likes.


ONE THOUSAND LIKES, and counting…

If we do not provide young people with quality sexuality education, the digital world will

If we do not provide young people with quality sexuality education, the digital world will

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