If young children and teens need sleep in order for their brains to develop and learn, what about us adults?

When I don’t get enough sleep, which is quite often unfortunately, it turns me into a zombie monster.

I should sleep more definitely.. any ideas on how?

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What is it like having brain fog, you ask?

It feels like your brain is letting you down. You have this body and you know it is yours, but it feels foreign. You feel betrayed, by your own body.

This struggle, you face it alone. It’s sad.

36 Ways People Describe Brain Fog and The Tips They Use to Manage It

36 Ways People Describe Brain Fog and The Tips They Use to Manage It
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Tired of being tired

What do you do when you’re tired of being tired?

It’s easy to distract yourself and pretend nothing is happening.

The moment you pause, it hits you… you are exhausted.

Everyday, it is the same thing.

Push, push, push….

the second you stop pushing, holding, clenching, bracing… and you let go…

Tired. Exhausted. Drained. Empty.

So how do you push some more when there is nothing left?

The Scaffolding Method in Early Childhood Education

When using scaffolding with young children, a teacher will provide students with support and guidance while the students are learning something new and age-appropriate or just slightly above what a student can do him or herself. As the children learn the skill, the support is lessened as their abilities develop and until they can do the new skill all on their own.

The Scaffolding Method in Early Childhood Education
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