Are mental health problems among teachers on the rise?

I’m sure that some of you know 1, if not more, who have had some kind of burn out or mental health struggle. Is it true then? Are mental health problems among teachers on the rise? — Read on

How many languages do you speak?

In the context of today’s world getting smaller and smaller, the need of being able to communicate in more than one language is becoming an important skill that children need. Good thing is, they pick it up really fast! Hmmm, now if it were only that easy with us grown-ups.. 🧐 I speak 3! HowContinue reading “How many languages do you speak?”

Heutagogy and Creativity

“Heutagogy contends that there is a difference between the acquisition of knowledge and skills (competencies) , and learning. The latter involves the experience of understanding the world in a different way leading to a sustained change in behavior, the ability to use competencies in novel situations rather than the familiar.” Heutagogy and Creativity reading “Heutagogy and Creativity”

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