No! Yes! Early Childhood Education!

Aaah, yes, the never ending debate of people about whether to send their children to school young or not. “Nah, he’s too young!” “Kids love school!” “Won’t he get sick?” “Well, then have him vaccinated!” The truth is, children learn the they will ever learn in their entire lives in the FIRST THREE YEARS ofContinue reading “No! Yes! Early Childhood Education!”

The Scaffolding Method in Early Childhood Education

When using scaffolding with young children, a teacher will provide students with support and guidance while the students are learning something new and age-appropriate or just slightly above what a student can do him or herself. As the children learn the skill, the support is lessened as their abilities develop and until they can doContinue reading “The Scaffolding Method in Early Childhood Education”

An Origin Story: The European Roots of Popular ECE Approaches

There is value in the child’s agency and active role in constructing their own knowledge. An Origin Story: The European Roots of Popular ECE Approaches — Read on

How many languages do you speak?

In the context of today’s world getting smaller and smaller, the need of being able to communicate in more than one language is becoming an important skill that children need. Good thing is, they pick it up really fast! Hmmm, now if it were only that easy with us grown-ups.. 🧐 I speak 3! HowContinue reading “How many languages do you speak?”

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