Traumatized individuals’ nervous system often learn that interactions with others feel dangerous. Whether it is pain, hurt, rejection, betrayal, abuse ——- or anything else that the body/nervous system seems dangerous, any situations that include the possibility of feeling or experiencing one of these things again is perceived to be dangerous. Credits to @ms_elleanderson for puttingContinue reading “Isolation”

Get rid of the Stigma

As I read articles, watch influencers on Instagram and YouTube, it’s becoming more and more apparent that… MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AND STRUGGLES ARE REAL. The toll that our daily activities are taking on us are literally going to make this generation go over the edge. But, it can’t be all social media, right? My twoContinue reading “Get rid of the Stigma”

What does depression look like?

A common misconception about depression is someone in bed crying all day, with no desire to live. While that may be true for some, there are those that seem “normal”. Brave faces go to work, smiling and laughing throughout the day, with the possibility of drinks after hours. It is only when they get homeContinue reading “What does depression look like?”

Tired of being tired

What do you do when you’re tired of being tired? It’s easy to distract yourself and pretend nothing is happening. The moment you pause, it hits you… you are exhausted. Everyday, it is the same thing. Push, push, push…. the second you stop pushing, holding, clenching, bracing… and you let go… Tired. Exhausted. Drained. Empty.Continue reading “Tired of being tired”